What is a Nutritional Consultant?
Did you know that eight of ten leading causes of death are linked to diet and lifestyle and that a large percentage of North Americans eat cooked and processed food, taxing body organs and destroying their immune systems. Many are overweight. If you add to this, poor digestion, enzyme deficient food, environmental toxins, food chemicals and the lack of exercise, it's no wonder that so many people are fatigued and lack energy and motivation.

Wouldn't you like to know if your lifestyle is healthy and if your supplements are working? By using the powerful Phase Contrast Microscope, a nutritional overview of the blood can be seen. Sub-clinical indications showing imbalances in the body may be viewed. Dietary alterations, nutritional supplementation and lifestyle changes may improve or correct these deficiencies at this stage. This is an educational and motivational tool. It is not a test nor does it give a medical diagnosis. Imbalances observed will be discussed with the client. Individuals interested in making healthier and more informed choices will be assisted by this tool.

Lynne can give specific dietary recommendation and lifestyle change suggestions to meet your needs. She can do a Live Cell Demonstration using a Phase Contrast Microscope. Lynn can give a follow-up support for implemented changes. Knowledge about our own blood physiology can strongly motivate you to get back on track to change your behaviour and make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.

An RNCP is a qualified practitioner who provides guidance pertaining to the building and maintenance of nutritional well-being.
RNCP's are highly trained professionals who have achieved a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition from an approved school or by training which is deemed equivalent by the Board of Examiners of the Nutritional Consultants Organization of Canada.
Every practicing Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner must meet the minimum requirement of 40 hours of yearly upgrading before their registration will be renewed for the following year.
The main focus of nutritional counselling is wellness or building health.
Ultimately, the cells in our bodies are built from the raw materials we eat. The more suitable our food choices are to our specific requirements, the better cell structures we can build.
Since every person is biochemically unique, individual nutritional imbalances and weaknesses must be assessed.
It may be difficult to achieve optional health through food alone. In such cases, RNCP's are trained to design personalized dietary supplement programs.
Environmental pollution, metal toxicity, parasites and allergies are among other factors that must be considered in constructing a nutritional program.

Various Insurance Companies now recognize the services of Registered Practitioner Members of N.C.O.C. for coverage by their policy holders.

About the Practitioner
Lynne Campbell, a Registered Nurse for over 18 years in the mental health field, has a B.A. degree in Psychology, is a graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and practicing as an R.N.C.P. She is also a Certified Nutritional Microscopist.

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