What is High Touch Jin Shin Acupressure?
Jin Shin: The Compassionate Healing Art
The people of the Orient have practiced various forms of energy healing for millenia. Passed down from generation to generation, some are simple recipes of hand movements and daily rituals; others, like Jin Shin, offer complete mythologies of our internal universe.

High Touch® Jin Shin
has the ability to heal deeply, at the root cause of physical symptoms, often healing old, buried emotional scars of which we are unaware. High Touch® Jin Shin is gentle and unobtrusive in nature. While treatments follow the ancient principles of oriental energy therapy, High Touch® Jin Shin utilizes the life force that emanates from our fingertips, which, when applied with a very gentle, penetrating touch, supports the natural flow of the body's energy.


Designed to teach those who want to take charge of their own health, this 4-hour workshop is a prerequisite for anyone interested in pursuing certification in High Touch® Jin Shin. Learn the history, philosophy and essential techniques of High Touch® Jin Shin. Learn simple hand mudras and reflex points of the body for self-healing. Learn how these points connect to emotions based on numerology.

Level I

Comprised of a two-day workshop, Level I will introduce you to the five-element theory of medicine and how emotions and attitudes relate to illness; pulse diagnoses; High Touch® system's 26 energy locks of the body; 4 major flows; 12 organ flows; 7 common flows, and 5 special body flows. Refine your techniques through practice and exchange with others.

Level II

Again offered in a two-day workshop format, Level II covers the number flows - the highways which carry us through our life's various projects, the many ways our body expresses itself. Each flow offers perspective and opportunities for growth, and gives us insights and healing with respect to our physical, mental and emotional aspects. In Level II we cover the three methods of correction, six depth flows, advanced harmonizing of pulse taking, and the spine correction.
Completion of self help, Level 1 and Level 2 and six months of practicum, consisting of a minimum of 18 hours of supervised practice and a minimum of 24 hours of case studies is required for Practitioner certification. Total minimum hours is 72.

Level III

Advanced levels of training are also available for those who want to enhance their knowledge of this vibrational healing method, and to increase numbers of practical hours.
Optional courses in:
* The Five Elements in Daily Life
* Visualization as a Therapeutic Tool
* Dream Work
* Feng Shui
* Protection for Energy Workers

Practitioner certification is registered with the American network High Touch® and taught by Elaine Lane, BA, CSW, certified instructor who has studied both High Touch® and Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

References: The Touch of Healing, Alice Burmeister, 1997.

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