What is Fundamental Herbology?
Fundamental Herbology consists of approximately 16 Lessons which contain the most current information available to the modern herbalist, to the elixirs of Nostradamus and the wisdom of Hippocrates.
This is a hands-on study encouraging the student to develop skills in handling and preparation of herbs. It has been designed to present a thorough, up to date, understandable investigation of Herbology.
The course also provides helpful information on how to market your new herbal business, where to reach suppliers and professional representation in the marketplace.
This course is divided into 4 sections. Upon the completion of the first section, all work must be returned to the office for marking. The second section will be sent with the return of the marked work.
Classes are held at the end of each quarter for those attending at the Natural Health Clinic & Educational Centre in Simcoe. If the course can not be paid in full, a payment plan is available.

Hamm's Herbal is a Home Study Program. Student assistance is available at any time. Classroom electives and workshops are open to all students in Ontario free of charge. Upon receipt of registration notification will be sent of upcoming dates. It is not mandatory to attend classroom electives and workshops to complete the program.

Course Requirements for Distance Education available through Correspondence are the Successful Completion of All Lessons, Proof of a Wildcrafting Herb Walk in your area, and a Final Exam. (75% is required on the exam. One rewrite is permitted and will be subject to an additional fee of $35.00). The student will be awarded a Certificate of Fundamental Herbology provided all of the above requirements are completed and the course is paid in full.

Fundamental Herbology Lessons
History of Herbalism
Nostradamus, Hippocrates, the Druids, Ancient Egypt, Natives and more.

Herb Classifications
A study of a selection of commonly used Herbal Categories - ie.  Anthelmintics, Diaphoretics, Tonics, Astringents.

Herbal Classifications
Part 2. A continuing study of Herbal Categories and their uses.

Herbal Dictionary
A look at commonly used Medicinal Plants from A - G.

Herbal Dictionary Part Two
A continued study of Medicinal Plants accessible to the North American Herbalist from H - Z.

Hands-on preparation of hot/cold Infusions, Vinegars, Tinctures, Decoctions.

Preparations Part Two
Hands-on preparation of Infused Oils, Salves, Ointments, Creams, Liniments, Inhalations and Baths.

Preparations Part Three
Hands-on preparation of Pills, Capsules, Pessaries, Suppositories, Eyewash, Syrups, Lozenges, Compress, Poultice, Gargles.

A Study of Seasons, Identification, Lunar Cycles, Drying Techniques for Seeds, Roots, Leaves, Barks and Flowers.

Identifying Plant Poisons, understanding Powerful Herbal Medicine, Poison List..

Responsible Herbalism
Understanding dosages for the elderly, children and the infirm.

Herbal First Aid
A First Aid Kit for your home. How to use it for every minor ailment.

Cold and Flu
A Comprehensive Lesson that will last a lifetime!

Herbal Beauty
Prepare Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toner, Moisturizer, Cleansers, Aftershave, Hair Colour, Lipstick. A section of fun!

Native Herbology
An interesting study of the Medicine Wheel, Native Beliefs and Wisdom.

Human Anatomy
A basic overview of the human body.

Health and Disease
An understanding of diseases that affect us today. A Herbalist's role.

Marketing Herbology
A section full of how to get started in the field of Herbology.

Culinary Herbs
Not just for medicine, herbs can add flair to the kitchen table. Here's how.

Final Project
Designing your own customized Herb Garden.

The cost of this course is $475.00 in Canadian funds plus GST. This includes the cost of a Hard Cover Text, Lessons, Exam and the Herb Walk. Supplies for the preparation and practice of recipes in this course are not included. If attending an alternate Herb Walk a credit of $20 will be refunded to the student. (Prices subject to change)

Cindy Oskam
is a Master Herbalist, Educator and Consultant. She teaches throughout Ontario as well as consulting area Health Food Stores.

Roger Hill
is a Native Herbalist and Traditional Healer. He has studied Native Herbology and the Wisdom of the Elders extensively and lends his knowledge to area Health Centres.

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