CONING ...beyond Ear Candling
by Sandra E. Yemm

The ancient Coning process is an old home remedy that has stood the test of time. As many other healing practices, Coning periodically has spent time in hiding and today is being rediscovered and understood as an effective preventative measure for stress and pain relief.

I am always being asked,
"What is the difference between Coning and Ear Candling?". There is a definite difference between the two. Ear candling is usually associated with the cleansing and hygiene of the ear. The words "ear candling" have been adopted by the Western world. Simply, it was what someone saw happening - a burning candle on the ear, hence the name "ear candl-ing".

Coning is an intuitive art that embraces the essence of whole-body energy healing, working deeply at the psychological, spiritual and emotional states of an individual. Coning is not limited to just the ear, as "ear candling" is. Dependent on what physical or emotional symptoms an individual is exhibiting will dictate where Coning is done on the body.

Coning was done simultaneously with other advanced healing practices to balance the system and allow an individual to resonate to the highest vibrational frequencies. Advanced healing practices included working with the vibrations of stones, colours, tones, oils, and essences. Along with Coning, many therapists will recommend other therapies that work to realign the spinal structure.

As Coning is gaining in popularity, so too is the availability, diverse pricing, shapes and lengths of candles. As the tools used in energy healing are most important, it is prudent to become knowledgeable about the maker of the candles and the materials used. White-looking candles may indicate the presence of toxic paraffin wax, synthetic waxes, colours or bleach. As well as contributing to an unhealthy and toxic atmosphere for the therapist and client, these products are not conducive to healing the body. It is best to have a written indication that you are purchasing candles made with only 100% beeswax and never-bleached cotton. Handmade candles from one who is cognizant of the background and use of coning is preferred over machine-made candles. One should be looking for cone candles that hold high healing energy vibrations, and that will complement one's own intuitive abilities.

The future and status of ear candling and coning in the natural health field is uncertain. Health Canada is concerned by complaints of wax dripping into the ear during the procedure. They do not like therapists claiming that the candle is pulling up ear wax as only the medically trained can remove ear wax. Having an open flame near the body is of concern also.

All of these concerns come as a result of the growing interest and the large number of individuals who are re-discovering this old home remedy that works. Many, many consumers are now turning to ear candling or coning for relief of head and ear problems that cannot be resolved through the medical community. Complaints are few; however, the news media is ready to bring incidents to the front page, including opinions from medical non-believers. Today, I have a growing list of medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals who either do the procedure themselves or refer to a ear candling/coning therapist.

My solution to address Health Canada issues is the Cone Candle Adaptor which prevents any possibility of wax falling into the ear during ear candling/coning. Treatments are comfortably administered while reclining in a chair or lying on the back. The client doesn't have to turn over so it is wonderful for those who have neck, shoulder and hip limitations. For fire-safe treatments, I use fire retardant material.

Unfortunately, we do hear about the untrained therapist hanging out his/her shingle, ready to perform this procedure for the public. Couple this with unsafe candles available on the market and there is a potential problem. As with all things in life, the consumer must know what he/she is buying. Ask questions of the therapist, get a referral for a qualified therapist. Look for a certificate on the wall from a recognized agency or school.

There is no authoritative information available on Coning; however, the benefits of Coning have been documented through recent case histories by many qualified practitioners. They include improved hearing, vision, taste, smell, sharpening of the mental functions and colour perception. Coning has helped with detoxifying the sinuses, lymph cleansing, sore throat, earache, swimmers ear, some chronic headaches and allergies. Parents and teachers of children with ADD and ADHD report significant positive changes. Every person is different and every person has a different experience of the physical, spiritual and energetic levels. Everyone will agree, however, that the ancient coning process invokes deep relaxation and is soothing, painless and non-invasive therapy from which both children, adults and animals can gain benefit.

Sandra Yemm is a natural health practitioner in the Niagara area facilitating energy healing for pain and stress. Sandra instructs Coning Certificate programs at the College level in Hamilton and Brampton, Ontario, as well as other centres across Ontario. For more information call 1-800-272-8310.

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