What is Axiatonal Re-alignment?
Axiatonal Re-alignment focuses on re-establishing connection with the larger Self, and to work with IT to achieve total Self-Realization.
Axiatonal Re-alignment helps to re-establish connection first of all to the Oversoul. It also reconnects the severed axiatonal lines, and rejuvenates the axial circulatory system. Once the connection has been re-established, the Oversoul transmits the appropriate energies through the axiatonal lines to regenerate, and reharmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint.
Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, and feed into major spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy that emit Light and Sound frequencies which cause the atoms of molecules in the cells to spin faster. This increased spin creates Light fibres that then create a grid for cellular regeneration.
These spin points feed axiatonal energy into the axial circulatory system, and the acupuncture meridians. Every cell in the body also has a spin point. The axial circulatory system connects all the spin points in the body. The connection into the acupuncture meridians is also necessary to ensure that all cellular grids are in harmony.
Axiatonal energy continually recharges all bodies, and additionally assists to clear negative emotional and mental patterns.
The reconnection to the Oversoul level acts as the gateway to hook up to even higher levels of Self. As we embrace our Wholeness, Spirit manifests more if ITs vastness through the body, which allows for greater Light, Love and Wisdom to enter. This is called "Descension of Spirit", and as this happens, we begin to express in the fullness of who we are - as Source.
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About the Instructor
Nearly ten years ago Jacob started facilitating intuitive healing, but then drifted to Reiki and other healing modalities, only to return back to intuitive healing in 1998. In the Summer of 1998, he had come into a body of healing work called Axiatonal healing.
He soon realized that this is a simple, yet powerful tool to allow an individual to re-establish connection to one's own Spirit. Hence, he started to work with it, and held the focus for re-connecting to the Divine Within. He was guided to call this work Axiatonal Re-alignment, as it represents the true nature of this work - reconnecting to one's Divine Self. The whole emphasis of his work is Self-Realization through working with the Inner Self. Jacob has co-facilitated a number of Axiatonal Re-alignment days, courses and circles since January 1999. He shares his understandings with others as a fellow traveller on the journey of Life, and not as a teacher. It is time for all of us to wake up and walk in our own Light, rather than be in the shadow of someone else.

We are very pleased to welcome Jacob to the Centre to teach us Axiatonal Re-alignment along with Mary Lynne Sammon. These wonderful people will be available to share their energy technique in a very peaceful and calming workshop. Each Participate will receive a personal Axiatonal session the day before to experience the benefits before joining us the following day for this sharing experience.

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